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Zunyi 1935

Large interactive stage play

On July 31, 2020, the Chinese original large-scale interactive stage play “Zunyi 1935” made a shocking debut in Honghuagang theater, Zunyi. Adhering to the original intention of the party, the work takes a large number of historical materials as the cornerstone, from script to music, from performance to interactive integration, deliberating word by word, painting frame by frame, and carefully creating, presenting a viable historical stage play for the audience. Vanyee helps the amazing debut of Zunyi 1935 with advanced scientific and technological means and colorful stage special effects!

Zunyi 1935, Laser Effect


Zunyi 1935 is a work that inherits the gene of red culture. It integrates historical scenes such as “Xiangjiang battle”, “Chishui battle” and “Zunyi Conference” into modern stage drama, and deeply deduces the spiritual quality of Communists who remember their mission, stick to their original intention and struggle constantly in a difficult environment.

Zunyi 1935, Laser Effect

Planning and design

The whole work is divided into four chapters, the first act – the western expedition, the second act – the bloody battle on the Xiangjiang River, the third act – the Zunyi Conference, and the fourth act -an ingenious military in Chishui.

Zunyi 1935, Laser Effect

Scientific and technological creativity

The interactive performance effect of “science and technology + culture + story” not only injects life into the play and creates an immersive viewing experience. The audience can feel the wind and snow hitting the face, the fighter plane skipping over the head and the war spreading around, presenting a realistic full-dimensional sensory scene for the audience.

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