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Yunnan Image

The world premiere of the upgraded version of Yunnan image, which is expected by many, finally opened in Huamei Kunming. After ten years of interpretation, it blooms again. After precipitation and upgrading, Yang Liping and her team have brought spiritual shock and baptism to the on-site audience. Every element and scene in the dance is fuller and richer, and the stage performance is also illusory and real, telling the audience one story after another in the mysterious land of Yunnan again.

Yunnan Image, Laser Effect

Work background

Vanyee and the upgraded version of “Yunnan Image” work together to present the original folk culture of Yunnan through the support and presentation of stage effect and high-tech means. The combination of dance beauty and actors’ performance in time and space, coupled with the combination of virtual and real video images with Yunnan characteristics, forms an organic whole in which stage design and actors participate in the performance together, so that the audience can form spiritual interaction with the traditional art of Yunnan ethnic minorities and have a full dialogue with ancient culture.

Yunnan Image, Laser Effect

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