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Forest legend

Original immersive fantasy interactive musical

On July 3, 2021, the original immersive fantasy interactive musical forest legend was premiered in the treetop theater of Suzhou Amusement Land. This work is produced by Suzhou Amusement Land and made by Vanyee team.

Forest Legend, Laser Effect

Work background

Forest legend is a multi space, multi-level and multi-dimensional full-age performance work explored and created by Vanyee to summarize the experience of cultural tourism performance service. The theme story of symbiosis between human and nature is expressed in an artistic way. Through the multi-function of performance and theater, the audience can enjoy multi-dimensional interactive experience and trigger thinking and imagination. As a classic theme work of Suzhou Amusement Land, forest legend is integrated with the theme park to promote Suzhou as an eco-tourism destination.

Forest Legend, Laser Effect

Planning and design

As an immersive musical that can stand, perform for a long time and spread widely in Suzhou Amusement Land, forest legend wrote life and hope in five story chapters in 30 minutes, presented super sensory experience in 42 artistic highlights, and explored the forest world through 360° immersive interaction. And the combination of original intelligent stage, multi space experience and multi-level interaction presents a wonderful music journey.

Forest Legend, Laser Effect

Scientific and technological creativity

200 magic kinetic energy ball and super large immersive arc screen break the traditional performance space. Vanyee interprets the creation method of technology + performance + story with the original intelligent stage, showing the perfect fit between the multimedia stage and the development of the story plot. From lighting, music, performance and interaction, it is the ultimate enjoyment of vision, hearing and touch.

Forest Legend, Laser Effect

Engineering production

As the chief producer, Vanyee has been engaged in creative design, engineering installation and Implementation for a total of one year. Vanyee people adhere to the spirit of creativity and innovation, constantly explore the measures of deep cultivation and meticulous work of cultural, tourism and performing arts, and endow leisure and entertainment with cultural connotation and fashion technology.

Forest Legend, Laser Effect

Operation feedback

On July 3, 2021, the premiere was unprecedented and full of seats, which attracted the attention and reports of more than 20 industry media, and industry experts gathered here for discussion and exchange.

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