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Teng Long Dong in Hubei Lichuan · Tenglong Legend Live Show

According to the legend of Hubei Tenglong, this laser water show was funded by Hubei Lichuan TENG LONG DONG Tourism Resources Development Co., Ltd. and completed by the design, production and installation of Vanyee. It adopts the most advanced technology in China at that time, combined with carefully arranged modern songs and dances, and integrates many elements such as exciting light, ball screen, water screen, fountain, flame and so on. The high-tech audio-visual feast created by sound, light, electricity and fog camp has brought a new audio-visual shock to the audience. After the transformation of the laser water show, it has become the first comprehensive laser water show in China and the top international performance at that time.

“Teng Long Dong” in Hubei Lichuan · Tenglong Legend Live Show, Laser Effect

Work background

The whole laser water show is wonderful, rich in content, tortuous plot, exquisite picture and various means of performance, which refreshing the audience. Laser animation, laser show, fountain, fire fountain, ball screen projection, water screen projection, wonderful performances of live actors, changes in lighting colors and other stage performance forms and new integration of high-tech means, the perfect integration of virtual and real, presenting beautiful pictures for the audience.

“Teng Long Dong” in Hubei Lichuan · Tenglong Legend Live Show, Laser Effect

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