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Tanghe River Night Cruise in Wenzhou is constructed by Huanyu Technologies and Liangye Company. It takes about 70 minutes to go through the whole cruise, and the theme of this cruise is Ouyue culture while the carrier is cruise ship. The Tanghe River Night Cruise integrates scene drama, dance performance, high-tech elements etc to create the first night tour project of city culture in China. We mainly responsible for the project design, props, music and videos production, equipment installation and project programming and rehearsal.

There are six chapters of Tanghe River Night Cruise which basically shows the thousand years of culture to visitors. The first chapter mainly tells the origin of Wenzhou, and the achievements of historic celebrities who have made great contributions to Wenzhou. In this chapter, we used two large equipments, the first one is a 43 meters length, 4 meters height long gauze curtain which use as projection props. The second is a moon screen with a diameter of 8 meters.

The second chapter mainly tells the culture characteristic and unique elements of ancient Wenzhou.

The third chapter mainly tells the homesickness and nostalgia of Wenzhou citizens. The highlight of this chapter is a simulated tree with 8 meters height and 12 meters diameter.

The fourth chapter mainly tells the drama culture of Wenzhou, symbolized the Nanxi opera and reproduced the classical Ouju drama.

The fifth chapter mainly shows the differences between ancient and current Tanghe River. The highlight of this chapter is that we use aluminum plate for the reproduction of the famous ancient drawing Jiang Shan Sheng Lan Tu as a performance stage, which is the first of its kind in China.

The sixth chapter is the final chapter of this cruise, an arch fountain which looks like a “time-travel exit” pull visitors back from ancient Tanghe river to nowadays.

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