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Shenzhou Boat Wonder

On February 12, 2021, the large-scale live light and shadow interpretation water show “Shenzhou boat wonder” was shocked and performed in the Song Dynasty Of Kungfu City. The work is a light and shadow interpretation show produced by the the Song Dynasty Of Kungfu City and made by Vanyee.

Work background

“Shenzhou boat wonder”, undertaking the strategic intention “one belt, one road” of the country, relying on the legend of the maritime Silk Road, it has shown the glorious history of the maritime Silk Road through the “Shenzhou”, presenting the feast of the Song culture, creating Kaifeng cultural brand and new landmark.

Shenzhou Boat Wonder, Laser Effect

Planning and design

As a light and shadow performance with the theme of “maritime Silk Road” in the Song Dynasty Of Kungfu City, the total time of the performance is 20 minutes. With the four chapters of “sailing”, “all nations”, “fierce battle” and “glory”, it vividly deduces a series of historical scenes such as the sailing of the maritime Silk Road, the customs of the western regions along the way, the raids and battles of pirates, the triumphant return and the celebration of the whole country.

Shenzhou Boat Wonder, Laser Effect

Technological creativity

It is the first real scene stage in China to break through the traditional performance mode. “Shenzhou boat wonder” is not an ordinary light and shadow show. By means of “culture + science and technology”, it creates a dry and wet switching stage of more than 120 meters on a water area of more than 2000 square meters, with a 60 meter hull stage as the core, forming the first combined real scene stage in China.

Shenzhou Boat Wonder, Laser Effect

Engineering production

Vanyee took a total of 2 months from creative design, civil engineering planning, project installation and implementation. Vanyee people devoted themselves to work creation day and night, reflecting the spirit of Vanyee’s speed and mission. On the first day of the lunar new year in 2021, they presented a new year’s “light and shadow feast” for the majority of tourists and lit up the new year’s atmosphere of the Song Dynasty Of Kungfu City!

Shenzhou Boat Wonder, Laser Effect

Operation feedback

During the Spring Festival in 2021, Wansui mountain of the Song Dynasty Of Kungfu City launched the new year’s opening activity “the year of China in the great song dynasty. Kungfu city never sleeps”, which attracted a lot of applause. The central media focused their attention. The Song Dynasty Of Kungfu City in Kaifeng, 15 reports attracted attention.

Shenzhou Boat Wonder, Laser Effect

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