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Shanghai Maya Water Park Celebration

The design and arrangement of stage art special effects are very in line with the characteristics of the water park. The stage design presents the shape of a dragon boat, and the actors perform on the Dragon Boat stage built in the water. Different from the previous performance of stage effects, while performing, the water stage behind the inclined stage presents a dazzling and colorful light show. The laser stage effects designed and programmed by Vanyee cross echo with the bright and colorful stage lights, becoming the brightest supporting role in this evening’s meeting.

Shanghai Maya Water Park Celebration, Laser Effect

Work background

At the climax of the performance, the effect of stage special effects reached its peak. With the full cooperation of Vanyee, the light show became more dazzling. At this time, the cold flames and fires all over the sky burst out dazzling sparks, and the fountains of the water park began to surge, spraying beautiful water rainbows. Under the light of colorful stage special effects, More show the flexibility of water. The blending of water and fire presents a different and harmonious beauty against the backdrop of the swaying dance beauty effects, which makes the audience exclaim and praise again and again.

Shanghai Maya Water Park Celebration, Laser Effect

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