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Sanya Romance Park

“Sanya Romance Park” is the first out-town project carefully built by Song Cheng Co., Ltd. for more than three years, which is rooted in the good audience reputation and performance level of “The Romance Of The Song Dynasty” . Over the years, Vanyee and Song Cheng have established a close cooperative relationship. The dazzling effect of stage special effect equipment has been praised and affirmed by Song Cheng group for many times. Starting from the”The Romance Of The Song Dynasty”, the application of Vanyee stage special effect equipment in the performance has been unanimously praised by the audience, Bold and exaggerated visual effects ensure the interpretation of mechanical stage function to art.

Sanya Romance Park, Laser Effect

Work background

“Sanya Romance Park” fully shows the local culture of Sanya. Using modern high-tech stage special effect equipment, it unfolds ancient forests, tempestuous waves, fields battle, Li Feng Miao Yun, fashion and humanities, one by one like a historical scroll. Every minute of the performance is accompanied by the highlights of exquisite design, firmly grasping the visual nerve of the audience, and can’t stop being amazed, It condenses the vast history of Sanya for Tens of thousands of years.

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