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“Night of Hailiang”

Opening Ceremony of Hailiang International Community Club

On the evening of September 24, 2011, the opening night of Hailiang international community club of “Hailiang night · Wen Sha Bao with stars shining” was grandly held in Hailiang international community, Yinchuan, Ningxia. The grand ceremony was hosted by Hailiang group and Ningxia Hailiang Real Estate Co., Ltd. and planned and undertaken by Beijing Lianchuang Heli cultural media under Vanyee.

“Night of Hailiang”, Laser Effect

Work Introduction

Fashion show representing China’s top fashion value life; The passionate interpretation of Luo Dayou, the godfather of Chinese music; The value of Wen Sha Bao Club blooms, which deduces the value night of an unprecedented wonderful Chinese collection architecture created by Beijing Lianchuang for Hailiang international community. In this event, Lianchuang Heli cultural media gathered its top resources and invited the patented technology of Vanyee, large-scale laser dance and laser animation to create a unique visual feast.

“Night of Hailiang”, Laser Effect

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