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Large-Scale Immersion Light Show “Yellow Crane Tower at NightWas Staged!

On the evening of October 1, Wuhan’s landmark Yellow Crane Tower officially opened for night experience. The immersion light show of “Yellow Crane Tower at night”, produced by Liangye Technology Group Co., Ltd. and participated by Vanyee, appeared as promised, and became a hot money immediately after the performance. According to the “National Day Golden Week travel heat map” released by Ctrip, Hubei scenic spot is very hot, and the Yellow Crane Tower ranks first in domestic scenic spots, attracting the attention of many media.

The immersive light show of the Yellow Crane Tower at night attracted the attention of many media ▼

CCTV-13 | Morning News

CCTV-13 | Live News Room

The immersive light show of Yellow Crane Tower at night uses a number of light innovative technologies, such as laser projection, laser interaction, foreground screen, actor image interaction, 3D animation lamp, high-pressure water mist and so on, so as to realize the perfect integration of light and shadow technology and art.

Large-Scale Immersion Light Show “Yellow Crane Tower at Night” Was Staged!, Laser Effect

The Yellow Crane Tower under the night curtain has made countless literati and poets feel the scenery, express their feelings with the scenery and express their aspirations through the scenery. Now, as a landmark of Wuhan, the Yellow Crane Tower adds new scientific and technological elements. The Yellow Crane Tower at night takes the Yellow Crane Tower Park as the carrier, around the unique history and culture, adopts the combination of sound, light, electricity, dance, beauty and chemistry, and creates a new landmark of “night Wuhan” through high-tech light technology.

Large-Scale Immersion Light Show “Yellow Crane Tower at Night” Was Staged!, Laser Effect

Different from the traditional night tour or performance mode, the way of “light + performance” is adopted in “Yellow Crane Tower at night”, creating immersive story scenes such as Xin’s wine, Cui Li’s poems, Yue Fei’s military call, fairy dancing and the change of Yellow Crane Tower. Tourists can not only deeply experience the Yellow Crane Tower culture, take photos and “punch in” in multiple scenes, but also climb the stairs to enjoy the moon or take a panoramic view of the Yangtze River light show to experience the magnificent and meaningful beauty of “great rivers, great lakes and great Wuhan” from a new perspective.

Walking into the Yellow Crane Tower Park from the south gate and facing the “goose pool” is the first act of the performance – “the origin of the crane”.

Large-Scale Immersion Light Show “Yellow Crane Tower at Night” Was Staged!, Laser Effect

Large-Scale Immersion Light Show “Yellow Crane Tower at Night” Was Staged!, Laser Effect

Using the existing landscape elements of goose pond, reproduce the noise of Xin’s restaurant on Snake Mountain, and tell the story of a Taoist who thanked his kindness and painted cranes dancing. When night fell, the lotus lamp in the goose pool was on, and the signboard of Xin’s restaurant on Snake Mountain was up, and the pavilions were brightly lit. A Taoist priest who thanked him for his kindness left a picture of a yellow crane on the wall. The little yellow crane fluttered up from the wall and turned into an immortal yellow crane. The fairy danced gently. “The origin of the crane” comes to an end and goes up the steps all the way through the poem stele corridor, Li Bai’s pen ending Pavilion, Cui haobi

The historical pictures of light unfold slowly around us, walking forward, and the poems of generations of literati connect history and future, memory and imagination.

Large-Scale Immersion Light Show “Yellow Crane Tower at Night” Was Staged!, Laser Effect

“Crane Dance” consists of four scenes: Dayu’s ancient Ode to flood control is the memory of Yellow Crane Tower’s childhood, which is real and wonderful. The Millennium expectation, which has gone through spring, summer, autumn and winter, is full of years. In this way, it has gone through wind and rain in a word of hope, and has been stained with wind and frost. Witness the extraordinary years of Nirvana rebirth, how many times the flames of war, repeated destruction and construction, the Yellow Crane Tower will stand up in this land and fire with Nirvana and endless courage. When the century bell on Snake Mountain rings and the final scene “the return of the crane”, the rebirth of the famous building is accompanied by the opening of a new era of the city.

At the beginning of the year, Wuhan was severely affected by COVID-19. In order to boost Wuhan’s economic development, the Yellow Crane Tower night tour as a key project in Wuhan has attracted much attention from the resumption of production and rehabilitation. As the No. 1 IP of Wuhan cultural tourism, “Yellow Crane Tower at night” will set a new elevation of domestic night cultural tourism economy and become another high-quality project for the integrated development of cultural tourism.

Large-Scale Immersion Light Show “Yellow Crane Tower at Night” Was Staged!, Laser Effect

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