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Charming Xiangxi

On April 26, 2008, Xiangxi’s cultural card “charming Xiangxi” held its first performance in Zhangjiajie charming Xiangxi International Cultural Square. Based on its local characteristics and strengthening its characteristics, charming Xiangxi has formed the best creative lineup in China. It is expected to build a domestic top tourism culture and performance classic on the basis of high intention, deep conception and fine production. The lineup behind the scenes is also luxurious. Song Zuying, a Hunan singer, sang the theme song, Zhang Ye, Tang Can and Chen Sisi served as art consultants, and Wang Yuanping, a famous musician, served as art director and music production.

Charming Xiangxi, Laser Effect

Work Introduction

Zhangjiajie specially invited the famous Vanyee team in the industry to act as the lighting design team. Starting from the local culture and combined with the actual performance of the plot, Vanyee equipped it with domestic first-class LED, laser, lighting, sound, stage machinery and other equipment. Clothing, stage art, song and dance are carefully created at the combination of tradition and fashion. At the same time, “charming Xiangxi” integrates a series of local cultures such as body removal in Western Hunan, Tujia Crying Marriage and Guiguzi’s power into one of national music, dance and sound, light and electricity. Xiangxi Folk Culture and folk skills have been recognized and accepted by tourists at home and abroad, and gradually become a “gold” signboard in Western Hunan and even Hunan Cultural tourism industry.

Charming Xiangxi, Laser Effect

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