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Huanyu (LE) Cultural Technologies Co., Ltd. was established in Hong Kong 1992, specialized in Concept design, Creation, Production and Engineering of Large Scale Events and Multimedia Shows. And it is internationally known in the field of multimedia shows for its creativity, technical expertise and with rich experience in complex projects management.

For almost 27 years, Huanyu Technologies has created, designed and produced major events and shows worldwide, devising unique creations for special events such as World Expos, Asia Games and permanent shows which including water show, theater and theme parks, commercial property and tourist attraction.With a strong technical force, high-quality products, perfect and qualified service, serious work quality. Huanyu Technologies was highly recognized by the market and the industry of performing arts, opened a new era of special effects industry and became a leading enterprise in entertainment industry.

About Us, Laser Effect

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Huanyu(LE) Technologies


About Us, Laser Effect
About Us, Laser Effect


Our first water show accomplished


Became the equipment
supplier of Beijing Olympic Games

About Us, Laser Effect
About Us, Laser Effect


Became the designated supplier of

Guangzhou Asian Games


Have more than 50 successful

cases and became the leading DBV

in China

About Us, Laser Effect