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Opening Ceremony of Oyster Plot in Qinzhou, Guangxi

On December 8, 2012, the opening ceremony of China Qinzhou oyster plot was grandly held in Qinzhou, a beautiful coastal city. Guests from all over the world gathered together to taste the classic feast brought by delicious oysters and modern dance art, and feel the rapid development of Qinzhou and the charm of Binhai New Town.

Opening Ceremony of Oyster Plot in Qinzhou, Guangxi, Laser Effect

Work background

At the invitation of the organizer, Vanyee has designed and created a world-class mechanical performance stage for the laser water dance show for the event. The stage construction of the party is completed in the sea. Vanyee integrates new stage technologies such as music fountain, dream water show, laser, fireworks, water mist, LED and mechanical dance stage, creating a beautiful visual effect of dance, It was highly praised by the organizers and nearly 10,000 viewers, adding a gorgeous, aesthetic and amazing visual effect to the oyster plot. The musical water column with a height of tens of meters and the musical running spring with a length of 100 meters, together with the mechanical stage with free rise and fall of the program plot and the gorgeous laser lamp, turn the whole evening stage of “China Qinzhou oyster plot” into a beautiful “Oyster feeling” world, bearing the reputation of Qinzhou as “the hometown of China’s big oysters” and the mission of “receiving visitors with oysters, conveying love with oysters and promoting Qinzhou with oysters”.

Opening Ceremony of Oyster Plot in Qinzhou, Guangxi, Laser Effect

Planning and design

There were many stars in the party, including creative singer Penny Dai from Malaysia, famous singer-songwriters Hemingway, popular singers Guan Zhe and Ni Yafeng from The Voice of China. The beautiful singing, gorgeous stage, stunning costumes and magical props have made the opening ceremony party a seaside song and dance event for tens of thousands of people. After the two-hour performance, the audience was still reluctant to give up.

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